12 examples of big brands using generated content on Instagram

12 examples of big brands using generated content on Instagram

User-Generated Content (UGC), that is to say any type of content that has been created and distributed by unpaid contributors or fans, has become omnipresent on Instagram. The reason for this is simple: it allows you to build loyalty in your community, arouse more emotions in your visitors, and improve the conversion rate, all for free.

Today we're going to introduce you to ten renowned brands using User-Generated Content in their Instagram strategies. Let's get started!


It is probably one of the brands that has the most leveraged this practice. Starbucks has found powerful ambassadors in its customers. The photo of a hand holding a glass of the renowned brand has over the years become iconic.

Starbucks User Generated Content


The well-known brand of miniature action cameras is widely sharing photos and videos of users filming themselves in epic moments. The thread of the publication includes all kinds of extreme sports, from cycling down a volcano to skiing off-piste to skydiving. This reinforces the fact that the mini camera follows us everywhere and becomes a partner in our exploits.

GoPro User Generated Content


The French classifieds website has decided to focus on real estate. Thus, we find the interiors of individuals wishing to sell or rent a home.

Leboncoin User Generated Content


The L'Occitane group, which specializes in natural cosmetic products made from plants grown in Provence, highlights a photo of the region taken by a user after each broadcast of 3 photos. It thus reinforces its image as a brand rooted in an authentic terroir.

L'Occitane User Generated Content

Petit Bateau

The French children's clothing and underwear brand also regularly uses user-made content on its Instagram feed. There are buyers of the brand showing their children wearing "Petit Bateau" clothes.

Petit Bateau User Generated Content


Also in the world of ready-to-wear, retro style brand Ellesse is showcasing its trendy customers wearing their collections. To be the next to appear on the wall of publications, tag the brand @ellesse and use the hashtag #BeBold

Ellesse User Generated Content

Sport 2000

The company, which has 600 stores in France and specialises in the distribution of sports and leisure articles, also uses UGCs on its official account. The photos chosen are intended to inspire by highlighting adventure and surpassing oneself.

Sport 2000 User Generated Content


The famous estate agency network includes on its account publications from municipalities and tourist offices, such as @lahautesaone, as well as offers from the group's agencies.

Century21 User Generated Content


The leading brand of specialised dog food has put our canine friends on display on its feed, much to the delight of their owners, who are all too proud to see them featured on the company's page.

Pedigree User Generated Content


Even international luxury hotel brands are starting to share content from their visitors. Most of them choose influencers and individuals to promote their establishments and to have relays to gain visibility. For example, the photographer is an influencer with almost 15k followers.

Intercontinental User Generated Content


The American car rental company, which operates about 12,000 branches and franchisees, both nationally and internationally, regularly publishes photos of its users driving one of its vehicles.

Hertz User Generated Content

Red Bull

The Austrian taurine based energy drink shares similar content with Gopro. It shows people performing in exceptional situations.

Red Bull User Generated Content

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User Generated Content with Kurato

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