5 repost apps for Instagram

5 repost apps for Instagram

Reposting is everywhere on Instagram whether it's on individual pages or brand pages.

However, some people consider this practice to be unnecessary, or even worse, illegal. When is it really?

It is imperative, before going any further, to clarify this topic once and for all. Yes, reposting is legal on Instagram. Even if the app doesn't openly promote it, sharing previously published content is perfectly tolerated.

Besides being legal, resposting on Instagram is a practice with many advantages for businesses:

  • The first is the time saved. Between the search for ideas and the creation of the publication, you save several hours.
  • The second is saving money on creative. Many brands use designers who charge a few hundred or even thousands of euros per month for the creation of a post.
  • Finally, reposting brings better results than traditional posts.

Even though there are many different methods for reposting on instagram, in this article we will share with you a series of tools to help you do it in the best conditions.


The first tool in this ranking is Kurato.

Available only on PC, Kurato is a paid solution for businesses. Kurato automates the search for user content on accounts, and hashtags to deliver only the posts that will engage your audience the most.


  • Kurato's strength is that it can filter hundreds of sources daily. The time savings on this step is just enormous. Once the posts are filtered, you can find them in a curation interface. You can validate and schedule the posts that interest you and discard the others.
  • Kurato is an Instagram for Developers approved application, so your account is never at risk. However, you will need a Business account to use it.
  • Kurato is available in English and French.


  • There is no mobile application available at the moment.
  • There is no free version. The subscription starts at 49€/month. However, you have a free one-month trial to make up your mind.
kurato repost


With over 10 million downloads, Regrann is probably the most downloaded reposting application on Apple and Android.


Once installed, the interface starts with a tutorial to help you get started.

The application offers 4 modes on its free version. The most convenient is the "Selection Pop-up Mode".

After copying the link of the post you are interested in on Instagram, you can save it for later, schedule it or publish it immediately.

Another convenient mode is the "Quick Repost Mode". With this mode you warn Regrann that posts should be sent to Instagram by default. Otherwise the application will suggest to you each time a new post is made which social network you want to send it to.

Once you have reached the editing stage of your message, you can apply a filter to the image or insert text. In terms of text options, you can change the font, colour, background and alignment.


  • It is not possible to copy several publications together. You will have to upload or add your photos or videos one by one.
  • The application is only in English

Repost for Instagram

With over a million downloads, Repost For Instagram is a good alternative to Regrann.


Easy to use, you will need to open the Instagram app, search for the desired post, press the three buttons in the top right corner and select Copy Link.

Once copied, go back to the tool, you will discover the publication in your list.

Before publication, you can make some welcome changes such as adding text, watermarks, changing the colour and position.


  • You should always remember to paste the caption when copying it. There is a paid variant to avoid ads and the @withregram text added automatically on each description.
  • Watermarking is not available for videos
  • The tool is only available on iOS.
  • All in English

Repost for Instagram by Sepia Software LLC

Another mobile respost application in this ranking is Repost for Instagram by Sepia Software.


  • This application offers a simple post interface. You can also set a reminder when you want to post at a different time of day.
  • In terms of options, you change the colour of the watermark and its positioning. For the message itself, you can't really do anything other than change it slightly.


  • You cannot access the editor or remove the watermark without paying $4.99 per month for a pro subscription. Non-professional users will also face ads.
  • The tool is only available to Iphone owners.
  • Sepia Software's Repost is only in English
repost for instagram



For those looking for a simple repost application, Reposta does the job very well. From the home screen, a tutorial gives you all the keys to share a post quickly.


  • Reposta is a rather simplistic solution. Here you don't have to worry about personalizing the publication.
  • Also with each post you should choose Instagram as your destination. Unfortunately, this process has to be repeated for each new post.
  • The application is only in English
  • Reposta is a free application available for Android

With these 5 tools, you should be able to share your posts on Instagram.

Good luck 👍