How to gain followers on Instagram? 7 must-have tips

How to gain followers on Instagram? 7 must-have tips

For anyone who starts out on social networks, there is one idea that will gradually take hold, and that is to constantly increase the number of followers.

This idea sometimes leads to bad strategic choices because the main thing is not the number of subscribers that come in, but their quality.

In this article, I will reveal 7 tips for gaining subscribers who are part of your target audience.

Buy followers you must not

Let's face it, it's tempting, even very tempting, to buy followers on specialized sites. At the time of writing, it is possible to order 10,000 subscribers for your Instagram page for the sum of €110, or 1 cent per subscriber. What more could you ask for?

But what seems like a good idea in the short term has negative repercussions in the long term.

Specialized sites promoting the purchase of subscribers or likes to highlight the rapid gain in visibility for your brand. But this visibility is purely fictitious because your subscribers are not interested in your brand and its message at all.

With each new publication, your message will be diluted between your real audience and the purchased one. Instead of seeing an increase in the rate of engagement (number of likes, comments) through the arrival of new subscribers, you will experience a drop in this rate of engagement that will be difficult to make up for afterwards.

Instagram will find that your posts are performing less well, further reducing the organic reach of your posts.

We strongly advise any company not to buy subscribers but rather to follow the advice below.

Is buying Instagram followers a good idea?
On the internet, you can buy pretty much anything under the sun, for better or for worse: likes, comments and of course, followers on social networks are no exception. Despite the measures taken by the big platforms to fight against these sorts of practices, they are still flourishing businesses.…

Subscribe & unsubscribe (Follow / Unfollow)

On Instagram, there is an unspoken rule that if I follow your account, you must follow mine back. This rule is so popular that an industry has even been created around this concept, with the appearance of bots automating this process:

  • I am a "Follow" account,
  • If after 3 days, he hasn't subscribed, I unsubscribe "Unfollow".
  • If the person subscribes to my account, I unsubscribe after 10 days.

If you absolutely want to try this method, make sure you find people who might be interested in the content you produce. Use the right hashtags to find them or simply follow your competitors' followers. I advise you to start this interaction work by hand to understand the behaviour of your audience and then you can automate your actions with dedicated tools.

Publish content regularly

Instagram, like Google or TikTok, encourages content creators who post regularly. Indeed, from their point of view, the more a person uses the application, the more they will be able to sell their attention to advertisers. Therefore, a person who regularly posts on a social network every day will be favored over an account that only posts content once a week. To make sure you don't run out of inspiration in your publishing week, it is essential to create a content strategy for Instagram beforehand.

Taking care of its content

How do you make visitors want to enter a shop?

Usually, the manager takes care of his shop window to make people want to walk in the door. Now imagine that Instagram is your shop and your publications are elements of the shop window.

To capture the attention of users and encourage them to consult your page, it is essential to publish beautiful images with a nice design. Also play on colours and contrasts to jump out at users when scrolling through the feed. Never forget that your competitors on the Instagram feed are cute animals, beautiful landscapes, inspiring quotes or even girls in swimming costumes.

Finally, if you have any doubts about the quality of a publication, please do not publish it. 😄

Use the right hashtags

Hashtags are the DNA of Instagram, allowing users to find content that interests them. However, faced with an almost infinite number of hashtags, brands can be skeptical about which ones to choose in their posts.

There are many ways to find the best hashtags on Instagram for your business. Click on the link above to read our full article.

Organize a competition

Running a competition is also a great way to engage your subscribers and gain new ones.

First, find prizes that appeal to your audience but also showcase the company.

For example: a subscription to your product or service, a gift voucher to be used on your site or that of a partner.

Schedule at the right times

You've made or found inspiring content for your audience and then customized it with a few hashtags. Now it's time to choose a good posting schedule on Instagram to maximize those chances of success. In the link above, you will find the best posting slots by business type and how to use the data provided by Instagram on your business.

Relying on UGC

UGC or User-Generated Content is a new organic growth lever for Instagram pages that can rely on it. Unfortunately, it is only available to companies with a network of agencies or agents, e-commerce sites & marketplaces (customers, ambassadors) or local authorities (travelers, citizens, associations).

The concept is to use authentic publications from this network to convey your message.

Social content is more likely to engage its audience than branded content, so UGC is the perfect ally.

Would you like to test the potential of UGC?

The Instagram Kurato tool is ideal for continuously sourcing UGC and scheduling it in minimal time. Thanks to efficient onboarding, you'll get content suggestions from your first use. You can also read several Kurato use cases for inspiration.

With these tips, you should be well on your way to growing your community.

Good luck 👍