How to repost an Instagram story?

How to repost an Instagram story?

Is it possible to share an Instagram story in another Story 🤔 ? This is a legitimate question given the success of Instagram Stories. This format has two significant advantages, the ephemeral side of a publication which allows for some fantasy and a higher engagement rate than traditional publications.

To encourage users to publish more and more stories, the platform has simplified the possibility of reposting a story in another story.

In this article, I'm going to explain how to do your story repost in the right conditions. Let's get started!

Why share an Instagram Story in one of your Stories?

Reposting is an integral part of the social network Instagram. Reposting can be found among both individuals and brands. But why is this practice so popular?

There are many practical advantages to reposting on Instagram:

  • The first is time saving because you don't have to look for a content idea, the content comes to you
  • The second is the financial gain because sharing an Instagram Story costs the company nothing unless it comes from an influencer partner.
  • The third and perhaps most important, is a clear improvement in results on both engagement and conversions.

What are the legal requirements for reposting a story

As with photo or video posts, there are a few rules to follow for a successful repost on Instagram, not contravening their terms of service.

To do so, the original creator of the story must have mentioned you in his @company post, which is considered to be implicit consent on his part. In this case, you will be able to re-share the story without fear.

However, if you want to share a post that the creator of the Story has not mentioned to you, then you can ask them in a message if they give you permission to reuse their Story on your Page. If you receive a positive response in writing, you have just obtained explicit consent.

If, on the other hand, the person refuses, and you decide to use the content anyway, you are exposing yourself to copyright infringement. You are therefore putting your Page at risk. Instagram can decide to suspend or ban a page that does not follow their terms of service.

How to repost an Instagram Story?

The handling is simple to make a Story repost on Instagram. You can identify, in your private messaging, all the accounts that have mentioned you in their Stories. You will then see a banner, "Add this to your Story".

By clicking on it, you will be redirected to the Story Editor. You will then be able to make adjustments or changes before publishing it.

Share an Instagram Story where you are not mentioned?

As I explained in the previous paragraph, it is possible to get explicit consent from a content creator to reuse a Story. If you get the green light from the creator, there is still the issue of reuse. There is a method to repost on Instagram by taking a screenshot of the Story with your phone.

Once the image has been saved, choose the "Standard" mode when creating a new Story, then integrate the screenshot. You will be able to make changes again before publishing.

You should have everything you need to make your next Story repost.

Good luck 👍