How to repost on Instagram? 3 quick & bulletproof ways

How to repost on instagram? 3 foolproof methods

Instagram is constantly evolving and improving its set of features. But, one feature that is widely used by the community is still missing: the ability to repost other people's content. However, this feature is very unlikely to be offered by Instagram as it may generate copyright issues. To repost content that is not your own, there are several rules to follow:

  • Ask permission before posting any Instagram content belonging to another creator,
  • Receive permission to repost from the creator,
  • Mention the author of the photo with an @ or even a tag in the image.

Breaking these rules is a copyright infringement that can lead to legal sanctions.

User-Generated Content, a very fashionable concept

Today, well-known brands such as Starbucks, Airbnb or GoPro are reposting consumer Instagram posts on their own Instagram page. This strategy, called "User Generated Content", has several important advantages:

  • It reinforces the authenticity of the brand,
  • It consolidates the engagement of creators or micro-influencers,
  • It increases the visibility on the platform
  • Finally, it reduces the marketing costs associated with content creation.

Convinced? We present you with several methods to repost (or reschedule) (or reschedule) efficiently on Instagram.

Method 1: Take a screenshot

If you don't want to download third-party applications to your phone, this somewhat homemade method has been proven to work. This method of reposting is probably the most widely used because it is free and easy to use.

To do this, open your Instagram app and find a post you would like to see on your page.

Take a screenshot of the Instagram post with your phone by pressing the "Volume Up" and "Power" buttons simultaneously, then quickly release. Please note that this configuration may change depending on the phone model. Don't hesitate to look at the instructions on the internet for your screenshot if you don't know how to do it.

Once the screenshot is complete, you can crop the image if necessary and repost it on your page.


  • In a screenshot, the quality of the photo may deteriorate.
  • You will not get the description of the publication and therefore you will have to write a new description.
  • It is very difficult to record a video.
Screenshot repost instagram
screenshot app

Method 2: Use a mobile reposting application

On Google Play and AppStore there are many Repost apps on Instagram. The best known are Regrann, Insta Repost for Instagram or Repost for Instagram. There are probably others, but that should be enough to keep you happy.

All these mobile applications work in the same way:

  1. Download the application
  2. Choose a photo publication you like
  3. Copy the link of the image
  4. Open the repost application to edit the photo
  5. Modify the description if necessary
  6. Repost the publication

After this simple method, the post will be published on your Instagram page with a repost badge and credit to the original creator.


  • Installing a third-party application on your phone
  • Having to switch back and forth between Instagram and the app
  • Spending hours searching for interesting publications for our page

Method 3: Using SaaS software

In addition to mobile solutions, there is also desktop software that allows you to easily republish Instagram content. The problem for many companies is not so much the method of reposting as the problem of finding THE right content. And this is precisely what most social networkers spend their time on.

Kurato is a unique tool! It automatically recommends the best performing posts on Instagram from thousands of sources. All you have to do is filter out what interests you and repost it. So, you can schedule your week on Instagram in less than 5 minutes.

Moreover, Kurato is a French application approved by Instagram, so you never put your account at risk.

  1. Go to Kurato and connect your Instagram account(note: business account only)
  2. Go to the "Source" tab and indicate the accounts to be followed
  3. Go to Curation
  4. Start scheduling your first photo or video posts

I hope that you now have all the cards in hand to make a repost on Instagram. See you soon for more tips to apply to your social networks.