Instagram tip, 7 practices to apply in 2022

Instagram tip, 7 practices to apply in 2022

Instagram is still the king of social networks for marketers, despite the emergence of Tik Tok.

Why? Because 14% of the world's population is connected to it and 80% of these users follow brands. On the other hand, you should know that the average engagement on instagram is 2.84%, which is more than 3 times the average engagement on Facebook, 50 times that of Twitter or even 70 times that of Pinterest.

Today, everyone is trying to figure out the secrets of Instagram to have a successful account. That's why we've decided to share with you 7 tried and tested tips for success!

Turn your Instagram account into a professional account

For those of you who don't know, using a professional account on Instagram gives you access to several essential features, such as :

  • Instagram Insights, which allows you to track your account statistics
  • Instagram Ads which gives you the ability to create ads
  • Instagram Shopping for all those who want to showcase products
  • Adding contact information and a call-to-action button to your profile

It is also possible to turn your profile into a creator account. This type of profile has its own advantages for influencers and content creators. But for most marketers, the business account is the most suitable. At the following link you will find the method to turn your Instagram account into an Instagram Business account in a few seconds.

Our advice : Go pro, it's free, quick and brings a whole lot more leverage for building a business.

What is the ideal caption length for Instagram?

Yes, Instagram is a medium dedicated to photography where the visual is king. But that doesn't mean you have to abandon your captions. For your information, you can write up to 2,200 characters in total, although only the first two lines of text appear in the News Feed. Instagram users are not great readers and only skim the captions. So make sure you include the important information. Of course, if you have more to say, go ahead and say it. But make sure that the most important content is at the beginning of your text.

Our advice : write captions of 138 and 150 characters.

Don't underestimate the importance of hashtags

Most Instagram accounts want to increase their visibility and discoverability. And that's where hashtags come in.

What is the ideal number of hashtags to use?

Be aware that you can use up to 30 hashtags in an Instagram post. Honestly, there is no point in using too many, and Instagram may even penalise you for Hashtag Stuffing if you overuse them.

How to choose the best hashtags?

Above all, don't use the hashtags recommended everywhere #love #beaute #like4like etc. These all-purpose hashtags are used in billions of posts every week and your posts won't get any visibility thanks to them.

To choose the right hashtags for your publications, look at the competition and get lists from the internet according to your sector of activity.

Our advice : take the time to find the right hashtags for your sector

Post regularly and don't leave your account inactive

When to post on Instagram? That's a common question. One thing is for sure, Instagram doesn't like inactive accounts, so post frequently. On the other hand, you may be wondering:

What is the ideal frequency for posting on Instagram?

Many will advise you to publish no more than 3 times a week. And this is totally wrong. Just go and check their account and either their account doesn't work at all or they post 10 times a day, look for the mistake...

Our advice: Publish as many times as possible, and if you want an accurate number, we strongly advise publishing 2-3 posts per day if you are able to do so.
Kurato makes it super easy to find the best content to post. You can plan and schedule a full week worth of Instagram posts in less than 10 minutes, to increase your volume of posts without wasting time on your busy schedule.

Don't spend your days creating content, abuse User-Generated Content

Many community managers make the mistake of creating 100% of their content and spend all day producing posts that don't perform and engage their community.

In reality, a good community manager should spend less than 10% of his time creating content from scratch by sharing the latest news about his brand. The rest of the time, he or she should take care of the community. A good way to do this is to share user-generated content.

If your community does not yet identify you in photos or use your brand hashtag, you can simply repost relevant content from other Instagram pages.

Again, Kurato is there for you and will help you find the best content in seconds. By the way, reposting is perfectly legal as long as you follow Instagram's rules.

Be sure to set the time of day for your posts

We don't realize how important the schedule is for your publications. There is no magic formula, you will have to test and retest. Put yourself in your audience's shoes and ask yourself:

What is the ideal time to post on Instagram?

The answer is simple, post when your audience is using their smartphone and checking Instagram.

Once you have found the right times, keep your posts to these times to create a real daily appointment with your followers.

Don't be afraid and go for it

Too many community managers spend hours getting their posts approved by the entire marketing department. Remember that a post has a limited lifespan and that your subscribers will quickly forget the posts they have seen previously.

So if one day one of your posts is a huge flop and consequently a blot on your feed, delete it without hesitation. You won't be penalized by Instagram, nor will you be put at fault by your community.

We hope these tips will help you to perform better on Instagram. Meanwhile, don't hesitate to try the free version of Kurato, and you'll see that becoming a top performer on Instagram isn't that complicated.

Don't be afraid and go for it
Photo by julien Tromeur / Unsplash