What's new on Kurato: February 2022

Kurato product updates February 2022

This is Lukas, hello everyone!

It's true that winter is the time for down jackets, mulled wine and cocooning at home šŸ™‚ . However, we have not been idle, far from it. Our development teams have been working hard on the application to bring you a myriad of new features. Let's discover them without waiting. šŸ¤©

šŸ™ Retrieve all publications from a source

It is now possible to see all the publications of a source, account or hashtags, in its curation feed. This is very useful for sources that rarely post or whose content is consistantly fabulous.

To do this, go to the "Sources" tab, place your cursor on the 3 small vertical buttons at the top right of a source. Click on them and you will see the phrase "Filter high engagement rates". Make sure the button is green to confirm that the action is activated


Based on your hashtags and added sources, Kurato automatically suggests additional sources for you to follow. To see these recommendations, go to your "Sources" tab and click on the "Add Source" button.

Under the search bar, you will see 5 proposals. If you refuse some proposals, you will discover new ones the next morning.


šŸ™ Customization tab

The "Hashtags" tab has changed its name to "Customisation". In this tab, you will be able to both customise a description text that is displayed by default on all posts in the "Curation" tab and also set the hashtags that will automatically appear in your posts. If a publication arrives in the curation tab and has no hashtags, Kurato will automatically select ten or so. As you can see, this tab allows you to quickly format the description field of all your posts to gain even more productivity. šŸ˜„

šŸ™ Change the order of the posts in the thread

Very practical, this feature allows you to modify, thanks to the arrows on the side, the order of your posts in the "Publication feed" tab.



šŸ™ The "Reprogram" button

It is perfectly normal to want to change these publication slots or increase the frequency of publication. Once you have made all the changes in the Timetables tab, go to the "Publication Feed" tab. Press the "Reschedule" button at the top right to automatically synchronise all your posts with the new schedules.

### šŸ™ New chatbot

As we always want to be as close as possible to you, we have decided to add to Kurato a little chatbot that you will now find in the left corner of your screen. If you want to report a bug, ask us a question or suggest a feature, don't hesitate, it's there for that šŸ‘

šŸš€ Participate in the development

To give your opinion on future developments, please visit our public Roadmap to let us know which features you would like to see developed first.


See you soon