3 Kurato Users explain their UGC content strategy

3 Kurato Users explain their UGC content strategy

Each brand has its own content strategy. Two start-up founders and a marketing manager tell us how Kurato fits into their digital strategy.


Behind this name lies Europe's largest e-commerce site for selling sewing patterns. Juliette Arfeuillère, CEO of the company, uses Instagram a lot in her business. In fact, it is her main acquisition channel, generating nearly 40% of her turnover. By 2022, she aims to have 50,000 followers on Instagram. Juliette was one of the first testers of Kurato. She tells us how she uses it.

"For content sources on Kurato, I quickly added about 50 of my most iconic pattern designers. Recently I added the hashtags #wissew which has over 5000 posts and other hashtags specific to certain sewing patterns like #robediva. Before I used to publish 1 post a day because I didn't have the time to devote to it but now with Kurato I manage to go up to 2 or 3 posts. This is perfect because some weeks I have a lot of new sewing patterns to promote."


It is one of the largest media outlets dedicated to scuba diving and the aquatic world. With over 100k readers on its website and 160,000 followers on its Instagram page, its CEO, Lukas Joseph describes his use of Kurato.

"For our Instagram account, it took us a while to find our editorial line. In the end, we decided to promote well-known and lesser-known underwater photographers. Now, every week we receive requests from amateur photographers who want to be shared on our page. With each request, we look to see if the photographer is talented and if so, we add them to our Kurato sources. Currently in our sources, we have about 60 photographers and 3 hashtags: #underwaterphotography, #uwphoto and of course #spotmydive. With these different sources, we arrive at a frequency of two publications per day which is ideal for our visibility."

ION Club

The ION CLUB company is a major player in water sports. The group has 17 clubs in a dozen countries (Spain, Morocco, Greece, Cape Verde, Mauritius, etc.). Before using Kurato, Alice Descamps, the group's marketing manager, had to go through each club's Instagram page to see if any new posts had been added. If a post was interesting, it had to be downloaded and stored for later use.

"With Kurato, I'm connected to all the group's clubs and associated hashtags. I have also added some iconic managers and the brands of our historical partner: Board & More. I used the option on Kurato to get 100% of the clubs' posts because I want to filter the quality of the publications myself. Today I make one post per day, taking care to alternate between the different clubs. If I have to give my feelings on Kurato, I must admit that it has saved me precious hours on the Instagram side. I can't see today how I could do without it in the near future."