8 no-code tools to create your Instagram content

8 no-code tools to create your Instagram content

With nearly one billion monthly active users, Instagram is the leading social network for sharing photos and videos.

When a new brand arrives on Instagram, it quickly realises that the competition is fierce and that it will have to fight hard to differentiate itself and stand out in the publications.

Before jumping in head first, you need to develop a relevant content strategy on Instagram based on authentic and engaging visuals.

A few years ago, only designers could claim to make beautiful creations, but the emergence of No Code has completely changed the cards. Today, anyone who is a bit computer literate can get started.

Beware that good taste is not everyone's business. 😄

In this article, we present you with 5 No code tools to make beautiful posts on Instagram. Let's get started!


Probably the reference on the market. I personally use it to create posts, banners or resize photos.

In fact, with Canva, you can designate just about anything.

Once on the app, select the template you are interested in from the different design types available. If you want to create an Instagram post, you can choose between Photo, Video, Real or Story format. You will then have access to an almost infinite catalogue of templates (500k suggested templates at the time of writing).

Canva's big selling point is that it's free to use the main features. However, if you need additional visuals or need to use certain features like the magic resizer or the background eraser, the Canva Pro plan starts at 110€/month. Being a heavy user of the solution though, I've never had to subscribe to it yet 😅

Create your Instagram content with Canva


Abyssale is a tool developed by French people. The software is a bit different from Canva because, in addition to offering templates to create posts, it automates the resizing of these for other marketing media. From an Instagram post, you can then also end up with a Pinterest post, a Youtube thumbnail or an Ads banner to put on your website.

Prices start at €39/month and rise to over €300

As a video is worth a thousand words, you will find below their presentation video.

Adobe Express

Adobe Sparks became Adobe Express a few months ago. In reality, nothing has changed. Adobe, the reference in photo editing, offers many free customizable templates on Instagram with a wide choice of filters and text effects.

For pricing, the tool offers a complete free package and a premium package at €12/month including some welcome branding and export features.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is available online, on Android and iOS.


With its catalog of over 6,000 templates to use, Snappa is, along with Canva, one of the most visible players in this market. It is a versatile solution for creating all kinds of graphic designs. The software allows you to generate content for your social networks, your blog or your website.

There is a free plan that will allow you to download 3 creations per month.

However, some options are not free and require a monthly subscription starting at $10/month


Another photo design and editing tool. Pic Monkey has a smaller catalogue of about 100 Instagram templates.

Despite this, you can easily find examples to use in creating your future posts.

The tool is accessible both online and on mobile.


If I had to have a favourite for creating stories, it would be the Mojo application. The tool allows you to create animated, professional and personalised stories in record time. Mojo includes 300 usable templates, which makes the possibilities immense. The animation of images and texts looks really professional and the application is simple and intuitive.

For the prices, Mojo offers a free version and a paid version at 39€ per year


Even if you rarely post stories, that's no reason to neglect them. Don't panic, StoryArt is a tool that allows you to create and customise beautiful stories. The software offers over 1000 inspiring templates that you can use to get your message across.


Let's stay in the stories with this last tool: Unfold

Unfold is free and available on the App Store and Android. The tool allows you to make collages, photo montages and videos in the blink of an eye. However, Unfold offers mostly clean and minimalist designs, so it's up to you to use your imagination.

I hope that with such a wide range of tools, you will find what you are looking for

Good luck 👍