Can I repost to Instagram from my computer?

Can I repost to Instagram from my computer?

We have already seen, in a previous article, that reposting on Instagram has many advantages for brands: saving time, saving money, increasing results.

It is therefore only natural for them to look for the most optimal way to do this on a PC.

First, Instagram is a mobile application. Its design, its UX and its interfaces are tailored to mobile. To make publishing more ergonomic and accessible on a computer, many programming tools have been developed. Among the best known are Facebook's Creator Studio, Later, Hootsuite and Buffer.

However, none of these tools used by millions of brands offer reposting functionality. There are mobile apps for reposting on Instagram, but none of them have a desktop version.

Let's take a look at some options available to you.


This is surely the technique most used by Instagram page managers. Let's go through the different steps.

Share screenshot on Instagram

  1. Go to from your browser.
  2. Sign in to an account
  3. Once you are logged in, go to the Instagram page you are interested in.
  4. Find a post in the account feed and click on it. The image will then appear large on the picture.
  5. Time to take a screenshot of the photo.
  6. If you are on a PC, press the Imp key on your keyboard (top right) and then paste the image into a Paint or Gimp program. Crop the uninteresting part and save the image to your desktop. You can also use Microsoft's Screen Capture tool to avoid some manipulation.
    If you are on a Mac Press Command + Shift + 5 or go to Launchpad > Other > Screenshot
  7. Once the photo is saved, return to Instagram
  8. Click on the + icon at the top right of your screen, a small window will appear over the rest.
  9. Drag and drop the photo of your choice or click on the "Select from computer" button to choose the image
  10. Crop the image as you like and press "Next" in the upper-right corner of the small window.
  11. Select a filter and apply some settings if you wish, and click "Next".
  12. Write a caption for your photo before you press "Share" to post it to your Instagram feed. Don't forget to mention the author of the original photo with an @ - this is one of the conditions that makes reposting legal on Instagram

If you don't see the + symbol on your browser, there is an old-fashioned hacker method of posting an image to the social network from your computer.

Right-click from your Instagram homepage. At the very bottom of the menu, you will see the Inspect field (you can also press the F12 key). Then click on the toggle device toolbar button (a smartphone and tablet icon side by side) or press Ctrl + Shift + M. In the menu that appears, select Responsive, choose a smartphone model and refresh the page (F5 ).

You will then have access to the same interface as on the mobile application, with the big "+" button at the bottom to add content. Once the icon is visible, go back to step 8

Download the photo

This technique is similar to the one used above, but it produces a higher resolution photo.

Download Instagram photo
  1. Sign in to an account and, once logged in, go to the Instagram page that interests you.
  2. Find a post in the account feed and click on it. The image will then appear large on the picture.
  3. Copy the URL of the image
  4. Type "download Instagram picture" in your search engine
  5. Click on the first result ( for my part)
  6. Paste the URL in the dedicated field and press the download button
  7. Choose the quality of the image, from 640 px to 1080 px then click on the button
  8. Your photo should be saved in your "Download" folder
  9. Once this is done, repeat the sequence in step 7


The Kurato tool is ideal if you are incorporating reposting into your content strategy on Instagram. Kurato automatically collects the best content from targeted accounts or hashtags and returns only the ones that will perform best on your page.

Kurato repost video or picture on Instagram

Kurato offers a free 1-month trial.

  1. Go to the application and create an account
  2. Connect your Instagram account to the application. (Note that this tool only works for Instagram Business accounts)
  3. Once logged in, you will be given a tutorial on how to get started with the tool, including adding accounts, a publishing slot and custom text.
  4. Once these steps have been completed, Kurato already suggests publications to repost in the curation tab.
  5. Validate or reject the proposed posts to compose in a few minutes your publications of the week.

Hopefully, with these 3 methods, reposting a post on Instagram will become a breeze.

Good luck 👍