Is reposting on Instagram allowed?

Reposting on instagram, the rules to know

Have you ever re-shared a post from a third-party account on Instagram? If so, did you feel that you were not abiding to the terms of use of Instagram or even infringing on copyright?

In this article, you will find out:

  1. What are Instagram's rules on reposting?
  2. How do I get permission to share content from other accounts?
  3. What tools should be used to republish third-party content?
  4. What are the risks of sharing content without permission?

What are the Instagram rules to know before safely reposting?

If you are a professional, you don't want to put your company or your employer at risk, so you want to comply with the good practices of each social network.

Instagram does not currently offer the ability to share content from a third-party account in its set of features, so it is only natural to question the legality of this practice.

In its terms of use, Instagram states clearly that you are directly responsible for the content you post on your account.

Instagram terms of use repost copyright

These two paragraphs highlight that if you wish to share content that is not your own, however, you are required to obtain permission from the creator first. Once this permission is obtained, Instagram has no problem with you posting this content on your own page. There is no risk of sanctions.

How do I get permission to share content from other accounts?

As we have seen previously, the fundamental factor in being Instagram compliant is to strictly adhere to copyright. Some content creators generate revenue through Instagram, so if you don't have the person's permission, it can backfire. Obtaining a user's consent is not complicated in itself and can be done via implied or explicit consent.

This method is implemented by some business accounts that encourage their customers/subscribers to mention them in their posts. When users post a photo or video using your hashtag, it means that they implicitly consent to you reusing their content.

Instagram repost implied consent

This translates into a written agreement of permission to reuse content on your Instagram page. The agreement can be written in a public comment or in private messaging.

When asking the author of the photo via private messaging, it is recommended that you share the post directly to get permission. Once you have received a positive response from the author, you can republish the content.

Finally, it is essential to mention the creator of the photo in the caption of your publication.

Which tool to share safely?

There are several methods of reposting to Instagram such as screenshots or applications detailed in this article.

The most convenient and least time-consuming method is to use Kurato recommendation tool. Simply define content sources, accounts or hashtags you'd like to follow, and start receiving unlimited content to your door. All you have to do is filter the publications that look good to you and schedule them. In 10 minutes, you can schedule an entire week on Instagram.

Kurato Instagram content curation

What are the risks of not following the rules?

In the event of copyright infringement, a company runs the risk of reaping bad publicity that is harmful to its image. On top of that, it risks being sued for copyright infringement and having its Instagram account deactivated for non-compliance with the platform's terms of use.

The defrauded author can, for his part, denounce the brand that has appropriated his content without crediting him (or even possibly replacing the credit of the creator with his own) via a form.

You now have all  you need to share content from a third-party account without fear.