6 tools for calculating Instagram engagement rates

6 tools for calculating Instagram engagement rates

On social networks, the engagement rate is probably the most scrutinized performance indicator.

When you have an Instagram account, you regularly wonder if your page engagement rate is good, i.e. higher than the rate on this graph. If your results are disappointing, there are more ways to increase your engagement rate on Instagram or at least keep it at a good level, but that's the subject of another article.

instagram average engagement rate stats
Statistics: Average Engagement Rate on Instagram

How to calculate the engagement rate?

In a previous article, we detailed two methods for calculating the engagement rate on Instagram.

  1. The first is based on the average number of likes and comments divided by the number of subscribers x 100
  2. The second is based on the number of interactions divided by the reach x 100. You can use the last 30 days as a reference.

To get the engagement rate of one of my Instagram pages that I own, I tested for you different websites offering a free calculator, i.e. an online tool to perform the calculation seen before.

Kurato Calculator

Let's start with the nugget of this ranking, and I'm not saying that because we're the ones who propose it 😄

It is number one simply because it is easy to use and intuitive.

To use it, you have the possibility to put an email or not.

However, you will be limited to 3 searches per week so choose carefully which accounts to monitor.

kurato commitment rate calculator

Here is a rendering of an audit via the Kurato calculator

My opinion: The best but only available online from 3 July 2022 😅


Probably the website with the best experience after the Kurato calculator.

Inbeat is an influencer search engine. Their database reportedly includes a few million TikTok and Instagram profiles to contact.

To use the calculator, you will need to enter your email address and your business type: agency, freelancer, marketer, etc. Once given, you will be able to audit several accounts without any particular addition.

It will take about 20 seconds to get an audit of the desired account.

You will get several interesting statistics on the Instagram page such as:

  • The overall engagement rate of the page
  • The average number of likes and comments per post,
  • The engagement rate of the latest posts
  • Variations in likes and comments on recent posts.
inbeat calculator instagram
My opinion: a decent calculator with no audit limit once the email is filled in.

Hype Auditor

When you search for a calculator on Google, Hype Auditor's calculator is usually the one that takes first place.

Like Inbeat, Hype Auditor is an all-in-one solution for optimizing your influencer marketing. Here, you can manage the entire lifecycle of your influencer marketing campaigns, from choosing influencers to publishing posts.

As far as prices are concerned, nothing is shown, only a demo is proposed. Why am I telling you this because after testing an account on the calculator, you won't get any results without going through the demo box (which few people will want to do).

hype auditor instagram calculator

My opinion: don't bother unless you also want to access their other services.

Path Social

This time we leave the influencer marketing sites and land on a site that promises to gain real, organic followers without bots or fake accounts. With a promise like that, my scam radar goes up. But let's move on because we're only here to test the calculator.

Again, to get the results of your audit, you will have to drop an email, real or temporary, it doesn't matter.

Once the account is entered, the bot checks that it is not a private account and then warns us that the results will take 60 seconds to arrive.

With 0% engagement rate, I just have to close this account 😅

path social calculator instagram
My opinion : Pass your way whatever happens


Present in Google results, Phlanx is an English only site. Good surprise, their business model is based on account auditing, at least that's what is announced on the home page: "Measure engagement rates, contact influencers, create contracts, audit Instagram accounts". With such a positioning, their calculator looks perfect.

The Phlanx website advertises 3 attempts per day for free. Bad luck, on the first attempt, I get a message informing me that I have exceeded the daily limit...

By changing my IP I was finally able to obtain a result that I share with you below:

phlanx instagram calculator
My opinion: If you only care about the engagement rate figure, this calculator seems reliable.


Let's finish, for once, with a French company. The tool is proposed on the website of an influencer marketing agency in Paris.

The problem is that the calculator is no longer available on the website due to misuse by some users. Too bad! In compensation, you are offered to install a Chrome extension valid for 14 days. Once again, the counterpart is to fill in a long form. To hide nothing from you, I stopped here 😅

It should look like this according to the image on their website

My opinion : Try it if you fill.

With these different websites, you should have all the cards in your hand for your next Instagram account audits.

Good luck 👍