The ultimate guide to getting started with Kurato

The ultimate guide to getting started with Kurato

Building a social media presence is a must-have for most companies nowadays. 90% of them have an account on Instagram, which makes it the main channel for gaining visibility. However, you know how much time this can take, we start looking for ways to optimize. Enter Kurato!

What is Kurato?

Kurato is a content curation tool that's able to schedule a full week worth of posts on Instagram. You'll also be able to follow accounts, manage your posting slots or add hashtags, all in a quick and intuitive way.

Getting started on Kurato

To get started with Kurato, go to . Click on the "Register" icon in the top-right corner to start your registration. Fill in the various fields and click on the "Register" button.

You will see this new window appear in front of you.

Kurato will then offer to link your account to Facebook. Go for it! If you're having trouble with this step, check out our article on how to create a Business Instagram account

If you manage several pages, check only the one that will be used with Kurato

Connect Instagram to Kurato

Once you have chosen your Facebook page, Kurato will then offer you to link your Instagram page

Everything is ready to start your great adventure in Kurato.

Add your first source

The beauty of Kurato is that you can continuously receive engaging posts to schedule on your Instagram page. To make sure you never run out of content, go to the "Sources" tab and click on the "add first source" button. You can choose between an account to follow or a hashtag. Choose the right source on Kurato and validate it by clicking on the small + sign button.

Kurato add your first source

Once this operation is completed, you will receive your first results in the "curation" tab a few seconds later.

Set the frequency of posting on Instagram

Foremost, it is essential to define your publication slots. Do you want to publish once, twice, or even three times a day? Do you want to publish every day? At what times is your audience active (for now you can find these answers on your Instagram apps, statistics tab > total followers > last section).

Set the frequency of posting on Instagram

Schedule a post

Once you have defined your time slots, validate a first post in the "Curation" tab.

Kurato content curation

Once a first post has been accepted, you will find it in the "publication thread" tab in the time slot you chose earlier. Finally, you will have two choices

  • Publish now: this allows you to relay hot news that cannot wait.
Kurato publish queue

* Schedule for later: keep the proposed date or change the order of publication directly in the feed.

Adding #'s to a post

Kurato offers a "hashtag" tab that allows you to add your own lists of hashtags. If a post in the "Curation" tab does not have any hashtags, Kurato automatically retrieves hashtags from your list to add to your post.

It's up to you!

If you've followed all the steps in this Kurato user guide, you're ready to get started. And you, tell us how much time you save each week?