Wissew reveals its UGC strategy on Instagram

Wissew reveals its UGC strategy on Instagram

You may know the name, if not, here's a little catch-up. Wissew is a Marketplace launched in 2016 that has become one of the biggest European websites selling sewing patterns in a few years. If you want to start sewing, this site is a real goldmine to get started and find your first creations.

Juliette Arfeuillère is the sole manager of her company. Her time is precious as she manages partnerships, orders, the website, social networks and the development of her new activities.

In its content strategy, Instagram sits prominently in these acquisition channels.

The Before/After Kurato

When she discovered Kurato, she instantly saw the benefits she could gain.

Juliette used to have a well-established routine:

  1. In a Google Sheet, she had previously listed the Instagram account of each designer on her platform.
  2. Every day, she scans the accounts of her creators to find an idea for a post
  3. If she doesn't find anything, she skips her brand hashtags and mentions.
  4. Once a post is found, she uploads the photo and prepares a short text
  5. Finally, she uses the Creator Studio to schedule her one-off publication at 1pm.

As a result, on some days Juliette spent 30 minutes to an hour and a half finding the day's publication.

Now things are significantly different:

  • She connects to Kurato
  • In 1 minute she chooses two posts for the day
  • She approves and the posts are automatically scheduled at the desired times.

How does Wissew use its users' content in its strategy?

In this video, Juliette explains how she uses Kurato and how she has integrate UGC into her content strategy.